Basic Design Brakes

A range of basic clutch/brakes including series 250, series 400, series 500, series 650, series 825, series 1000, series 1225, series 1525 and spares.

Basic Design Brakes that are available in a wide range of sizes

Assembled around the basic components of an electric clutch-brake, magnet and armature configuration, custom design products come in a tremendous range of sizes, torque ratings and options. The variations available are considerable so if you are unsure call us on 0161 628 8497 and we will be happy to assist you. Or “click here” to email us.

Custom Design with off the shelf components

For maximum mounting versatility and design flexibility Custom Design products may be fitted into the most demanding and space restrictive applications. They require additional engineering and assembly capability, but their lower initial cost and wider range of sizes makes them an ideal consideration for many applications. Like all Warner Electric packaged clutches and brakes, they never need adjustment, and they are built to the same standards of quality and performance. At DJ Automation we pride ourselves on holding considerable stocks of the most commonly used parts.


From 2Nm to 950Nm

6v, 24v, and 90v

Flange Mounted or Bearing Mounted

Normal Duty/ Pin Drive

Heavy Duty/Spline Drive

PB Series – Primary Brake

The PB series brakes consist of a magnet, armature and mounting hub in a very simple and compact design.

Basic Brake
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