Is your unit worn? Has it lost performance? Or has it simply stopped working? Our customers don’t always need a new unit and a repair or refurbishment might be an option. Our Service Engineer has over 25 years’ experience and with our fully equipped workshop, we can inspect and repair/refurbish most types of Warner Electric clutches and brakes.


We don’t charge for an initial assessment and any inspection costs incurred are deducted from your service/repair bill. Inspection includes dismantling, identification of worn/damaged parts and a service report which can be e-mailed. We will also provide a quotation for any replacement parts and labour if your item can be repaired/refurbished. Most inspections are carried out on the day the unit arrives at our premises.


If you’re happy with our repair/refurbishment quotation, we offer a quick turnaround and will get straight onto replacing damaged and worn parts. Repairs/refurbishments include “bedding in” and are guaranteed for 12 months, subject to our usual terms and conditions.

If you have a unit you’d like us to look at give us a call on 0161 628 8497 or send us an email

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