Tension Control
Basic Tension Brake Range

The TB 260 – 1525 range of tension brakes provide a cost effective and robust solution to your tension control application requirements. Available in 6v, 24v, and 90v and ranging in size from 2 ½” to 15 ¼” in diameter, they are either spline or pin drive.

Permanent Magnet Clutches & Brakes MB/MC Series - Precision Tork

Precision Tork permanent magnet clutches and brakes offer constant torque irrespective of slip speed. They provide extremely long life so offer a cost effective and convenient solution to your tension control requirements as they are simple to install and do not require maintenance.

Some of the features of the MB/MC Series
  • Torque is set with a large knurled adjustment ring.
  • Infinite adjustability between minimum and maximum settings allowing units to be fine tuned to your specific requirement.
  • Torque is extremely consistent and smooth at low, as well as high speeds.
  • No external control or power source.
Magnetic Particle Clutches & Brakes MPB/MPC Series – Precision Tork

Self-contained magnetic particle clutches and brakes for a wide range of unwind/ rewind applications which offer smooth operation at very low speed.

  • Torque range from 2.7 Nm through to 784 Nm.
  • Shaft or flange mounted.
  • Fan cooled in largest sizes.
BX2DRV – (HMCS2000-DRV2)

The BX2DRV is a dual (eight) channel driver with two inputs per channel. One input is effectively scaled to 0-10VDC in order to provide a power output from 0 to 24 VDC. The second input is scalable.

The X2DRV Driver offers the most advanced control technology to get the best accurate control of all Warner Tension Brakes.

1 logic card with 2 individual channels.

BTCS2020 – (MCS202E) Simple Tension Control in a closed loop application

BTCS2020- Standard Monoblock Regulation (Control and front plate adjustment).

BTCS2020-54 Same as standard but with IP54 protection.

BTCS620 – (MCS605E) Rotary Sensor

This is a position sensor that can be used in 2 different ways:

  • Detect dancer moving in a closed loop installation.
  • Sense diameter of the roll to operate open loop control or make PID compensation in a closed loop installation.

The XCTRL controller combines leading technology with advanced functionality to create a performance driven, convenient and easy to operate tension control system. It is a solid state electronic control that receives a signal from a dancer pivot point sensor or 2 load cells.

BF42-U – (Ultrasonic Sensor SCUA-130/140)

Analogue ultrasonic sensor

BTCS255 - Single phase power supply / 24 VDC 3.2 Amps

The BTCS255 power supply has been designed and developed for industrial uses where safety, ease of use and reliability are essential. Complying with the parameters set out by the Low Voltage Directive some of the features include:

  • Universal AC input/Full Range
  • Protections: Short circuit/Over load/Over voltage/Over temperature
  • Can be installed on DIN rail TS-35/7.5 or 15
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