A history of Warner Electric A history of Warner Electric

Warner electric has a rich and illustrious story surrounding Innovation and invention starting with its founder A. P. Warner. He was an inventor who had more than 100 patents held on file, which included the automobile speedometer. This speedometer is still in use in cars and vehicles today, albeit in a more modern form. He was also the first private individual to purchase his own aeroplane in 1909. It Warner electric has been a world leader when it comes to creative product design, marketing and service, and development.

During World War II, Warner formed the Warner Trailer Company which manufactured trailers consisting of two wheels, including the very first trailer used for tourism purposes. This tourist trailer is the precursor of all modern vehicle campers which are used for recreational purposes. In 1927, Warner went on to organize another company, which was known as the WEBC (the Warner electric brake Corporation). The company's formation was all centred around a new design a break that utilized electricity. In the past, over 75% of mobile homes came fully equipped with this break design. Not long after World War II, the first electric brake for industrial use was created for the use in lathes with high-speed engines.

It was during 1950 that the introduction of the first electric crotch for industrial use was developed to be used with large turret lathes. Throughout the 1950s and the 1960s, the Warner Electric product range began to expand rapidly and included packaging machines, Textile Machinery, conveyor systems, farm combines, plant automation systems, and computer printers. All of these prior product ranges have helped develop the product ranges that are available today.

Some of the more recent additions to the product line include c face designs, foot mounted designs and shaft mounted designs which have been created to be able to be directly mounted to traditional motors and reducers. These have become the primary choice of many of the designers of today. Today Warner electric is now one of the largest leaders in the world when it comes to the development innovative brake solutions and electromagnetic clutches. They offer the largest selection of industrial brake controls, web tension systems, and clutches and various components which are used for packaging and handling of Machinery involved in the food and beverage Industries, gardens and turf, escalators and elevators forklift cranes, and military vehicles for many governmental agencies, business Industries and individuals around the globe.

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